Frequently Asked Questions: Belize


What should I pack?

  • Passport and any additional documentation as required by your nationality
  • Sunscreen/aloe
  • Any medications you may need
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Toiletries
  • Reading material/journal
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Daypack or satchel for tours
  • Sturdy closed-toed hiking/walking shoes
  • Waterproof/quickdrying hiking shoes or hiking sandals 
  • Beach shoes/flipflops
  • Supportive swimsuit for snorkeling tours, canoeing, cave tours
  • Strap to retain eyeglasses/sunglasses during adventures
  • Lightweight long pants for hiking
  • Layered, lightweight clothing (can be cool in the mornings/evenings and hot during day)
  • Layered, lightweight yoga clothing (long layers are recommended for cool mornings or to avoid insects)
  • Yoga mat if you are not renting one from Belize Yoga
  • Motion-sickness medication if you require for flights, boats or land transport
  • Laptop or tablet (optional)
  • Camera, waterproof camera for snorkeling (optional)
  • Battery-powered alarm clock or watch
  • Lightweight water-resistant jacket and or umbrella
  • Flashlight
  • Spending money and tip money
  • Eye mask and earplugs if you have trouble sleeping in new environments


  *Please note that our retreats do NOT include international airfare.

What airport should I fly to?

Belize City International Airport (BZE)

When should I book my flight?

We strongly recommend waiting until the retreat is fully confirmed  (after all students have paid in full, around 3 1/2 months prior to the  retreat). If you wish to book your flight earlier please note that there  is a chance the retreat could be cancelled (although that is unlikely).

What about my transfers within Belize?

Transfers to/from the international airport ARE included in your  retreat package, as long as your arrival/departure coordinates with our  shuttle times below. If your flights do not coordinate with the  shuttles, you are responsible for paying for your own transfers, which  can be quite expensive (around $150 each way), as our resorts are  remote. If you need a private transfer, please contact us so we can  assist.

What time should I arrive?

Arrival Saturday of the retreat: Shuttle departs Belize International  airport at 4:00pm (so, for flights arriving 3pm or earlier). If enough students are arriving much earlier than 3pm, we may be able to add in an earlier shuttle. 

What time should I depart?

Departing Saturday of the retreat: arrives back at Belize International airport at 10:00am (so, for flights noon or later). If  you are departing much later than noon, we can often arrange for you to  spend some time in a seaside village before returning to the airport. 

*If you are uncertain if your flight will coordinate with the  transfers (or is close), please feel free to contact Belize Yoga prior  to purchasing.


  Do I need any shots or medications to visit Belize?
There are no shots or medications required to visit Belize. Please  consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns or would like  recommendations based on your health history.

Are there bugs?
Of course…but it really depends  on the weather and other factors. On breezy days, you may never see one  insect, but on a still day after a rain you’ll want to use repellent  and/or cover up with long clothing. We recommend bringing some long  lightweight yoga clothing and insect repellent for those days.

Should I be concerned about malaria?
Belize  does have some cases of malaria each year, with tourist cases being very  rare. Insect repellent and long clothing are generally recommended when  mosquitoes are present, please consult your healthcare provider if you  have concerns.

Can we drink the water?
Each of our resorts has a  different water system (mountain resorts use spring water, beach  resorts might use a combination of rain water and desalinated water),  and we will let you know specifics upon arrival at each resort. Purified  drinking water is provided at the resorts that recommend against  drinking the tap water. All ice at the resorts is made with purified  water.


  What is included in the cost of the retreat?
All  transfers in Belize, 7 nights lodging, all meals beginning with dinner  on arrival day and ending with breakfast on departure day, yoga  sessions, adventures as listed in your retreat. All taxes, fees and  service charges for meals and rooms are included.

What is NOT included in the cost of the retreat?
International  airfare, gratuities, alcohol, sodas & drinks not included with  meals, laundry, phone, non-mealtime food or “off menu” ordering,  additional tours or transfers not included in package, spa treatments,  etc.

When is the balance due?
The balance is due 4 months prior to the retreat.

How do I pay the balance?
We will send you an electronic invoice to pay securely online.

How to do I reserve a space on the retreat?
Register online and place your deposit, this reserves your space on the retreat.

What currency does Belize use?
Fixed rate of  $1US=$2BZ. US dollars are used all over Belize, change will be given in  Belize dollars. You do not need to exchange any money into Belize  dollars.

Can I use a credit card?
Visa and MasterCard are  widely accepted–be sure to check with your credit card company regarding  foreign transaction fees and to let them know you’ll be traveling to  Belize.


  What is the weather like?
Belize is  sub-tropical, and averages 80 degrees all year round. Daytime  temperatures typically will be around 80-90 degrees, nighttime  temperatures around 70-80 degrees. Cooler weather can occur (50-70  degrees) in the Winter and Spring months, especially in the mountains.

Should I be concerned about hurricanes?
Hurricane  season is June-November. We only schedule retreats outside of hurricane  season, or late November when there is minimal risk of a storm.

When is the rainy season?
The rainy seaon coinsides with hurricane season (June-November). Belize becomes increasingly drier and warmer from January-May.


  What type of electricity/voltage is there?
Same as the U.S., 110V/60Hz.

Will there be internet?
Yes, although first and  foremost we invite you to UNPLUG. Wireless internet is available at the  main lodges of the resorts. Please note that the internet is generally  slow, and cannot support the uploading of large files and photos and may  be unavailable at some times.

Is there cell phone coverage?
First and foremost  we invite you to UNPLUG. Resorts are remote and cell phone coverage is  spotty, and you will likely only have coverage during part of your  visit. Check with your service provider regarding international roaming  rates, as they are very expensive without an international plan. We  recommend keeping your smart phone on airplane mode during the retreat  to avoid incurring fees for data, texts and calls.

General Travel

  Do I need a Visa to visit Belize?
US citizens  do not need a visa to visit Belize, only a valid passport that does not  expire within 6 months of the retreat. Non-US citizens should check the  Belize embassy for entry requirements.

What language is spoken?
English is the official language of Belize. You will also hear Kriol, the local dialect, as well as Spanish.

What time zone is Belize?
Belize is on Central Standard Time, and does not utilize Daylight Saving Time.


  Are the meals vegetarian?
Both vegetarian and meat options are available at meals.

I have specific food allergies or restrictions, can that be accommodated?
Yes.  Just let us know your dietary restrictions on your registration form.  We’ll contact you if we have additional questions or clarifications.  Please note that food in Belize is always fresh and homemade and sourced  from local ingredients–so there may be some items that are scarce here  (nuts, for example). We generally recommend bringing along some  protein-rich snacks if you have a vegetarian, vegan, or raw food diet.

Are all meals included in the retreat?
All meals on Belize retreats are included, beginning with dinner on arrival day and ending with breakfast on departure day.