Loved the eco aspect of the trip. The passion of the staff involved was evident. The flexibility of tour add-ons and adjustment was superior. The depth of knowledge and resources admirable.

I would have come just for the yoga. Everything else was frosting on my cake. This was a very special experience. Ecstatic!

Amazing - one of the best experiences of my life :-)!!!!

This was an amazing experience, great synergy.

This was my best vacation ever. I loved every moment. The coordination and organization made this very relaxing.

I loved every aspect of this trip - it was action packed but I still feel relaxed and refreshed.

Loved the ease of the vacation.

Honestly, this is one of the best trips I've ever been on. I was able to do things I've never done and experience Belizean culture. Thank You Belize Yoga. It was an amazing experience and I will absolutely 100% be attending another Belize Yoga Retreat.

Thank You! The value and quality of this trip were excellent. I had a wonderful time!

This was an inspirational, transformative experience. Great job planning, coordination, etc. Keep up the good work!

Way worth it!, Overall 5 Star.

I went into this without expectations and a couple fears that I invested in the wrong trip (as I would with any place I choose) but was blown away at how well run it was and how fantastic everybody was. Really don't know how to put all into words for friends and family.

There was way more value than I would have expected.

This trip was the best of my lifetime on so many personal levels.

Best Experience Overall! Cannot wait to return to this beautiful country! Many thanks for the hard work of all involved!

This group tour incorporated the best of traveling with a group of people and the pleasure of being led to beautiful locations without having to do the background work - nice for a change!!

Helpful, informative and organized from start to finish.

The mix of activity and locations made it a great experience

Belize Yoga has by far been the best retreat I have been on. Everything was completely organized and taken care of by the coordinator and I didn't have to worry about anything except showing up.

It was a fabulous mixture of adventure, activities, yoga, discussion, and relaxation.

I liked the excellent organization of the trip, the overall flow, the high number of tours and activities available.

Love going from jungle to beach and perfect number of days.

Locations were great and tours were well done and interesting - knowledgeable guides.

So much more than a yoga retreat.

Thank you so much for creating this adventure. This has been a truly remarkable experience. Every detail was thought out and executed perfectly. Loved every second of this trip. Namaste!

Had a wonderful time. Not having to plan anything was fabulous. Tickets for airfare being included was the best thing I have ever heard of!

I will never forget this as long as I live. Your retreat gave me so much peace and brought such beauty into my life.

I loved the combo of going to the jungle and then the ocean.

Belize Yoga experience was ultimate.

I just had a wonderful time :-) everything was organized very well and just flowed. Thanks for the best vacation of my life :-)

All I had to do was pay, show up, and enjoy. Everything was organized and that was awesome. I loved the jungle and the beach and was glad I could see both.

Definitely the best vacation ever. Trip of a lifetime!

If there was something better than "excellent" I would select it - Truly Stellar

The locations, the yoga instruction, your excellent leadership and sense of humor really made the trip a terrific experience.

Very impressed with the trip overall. Ridiculously impressed with the organization and ease of the trip from beginning to end.

Best Vacation Ever! Thank You for this amazing once in a lifetime experience!

We would not hesitate to recommend with genuine enthusiasm your retreats.

Absolutely perfect.

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