Our Retreats

Two unique retreat packages.

Both follow the same format (4 nights mountain + 3 nights sea), but have individual styles.

Our retreats always include all transfers in Belize, 7-nights lodging, all meals, and adventures...and lots of yoga!

Retreat Details

  1. 4 nights mountain lodging at Black Rock Lodge


    Black Rock is an Eco-Lodge situated on 242 lush acres above the Macal River. Its remote and beautiful setting makes it a spectacular setting for birding and hiking.

    Lodge details:

    19 free-standing cabins + yoga palapa + open air dining lounge + spring-fed pool

    Cabin detailing includes Belizean hardwoods, locally-sourced rocks and local fabrics and artwork

    Lots of screened windows let in the sounds and sights of the surrounding jungle

    Creates its own electricity via hydro- and solar-power (no hairdryers or electric shavers, please)

    Most cabins with two double beds (some 1 king–please request)

    Fans in each room (no AC)


  2. 3 nights lodging on Hatchet Caye, a private island


    Hatchet Caye is a tiny, private island a 1-hr boat ride from the mainland.  Its excellent location on the reef allows for amazing snorkeling nearby, and gorgeous views anyway you turn.

    Lodge details:

    12 rooms + yoga palapa + open air dining lounge + full-service dive shop

    Spacious, ocean-view porches with comfortable seating

    Most cabins have king beds, an additional twin bed can be added. Some rooms have two double beds.

    Air conditioning



  3. Xunantunich Mayan ruins + local lunch

    Cross a hand-cranked ferry to arrive at Xunantunich ruins with wonderful carvings. Follow the informative guided tour with lunch at a popular local restaurant where you will enjoy an authentic Belizean meal.

    Time: Approximately 4.5 hrs (includes tour, lunch and drive time)

    Drive time: 30 min each way from Black Rock Lodge

    Details: Mostly flat terrain (temple climbing optional), must walk up/down a tall paved hill to ruins

    Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate


  4. Caving tour (ATM cave or Barton Creek +ziplining)

    Choose between ATM cave (difficult) or Barton Creek Cave Canoeing (easy) 

    Actun Tunichil Muknal–a caving expedition unlike anything else in the world. Strap on a hardhat and a headlamp and explore a wet cave used by the Mayans for ancient rituals. You’ll explore burial chambers with calcified skeletal remains and ceremonial pots. View glorious stalagcites and stalagmites up close.

    Time: Approximately 10 hrs (includes hike, cave tour, lunch and travel time).

    Drive time: 1.75 hrs each way

    Details: hike 45 min each way to arrive at cave, crossing a river three times. In cave, venture 1/3 mile into cave. Water depth in cave varies from ankle- to swimming-depth, but is mostly calf-thigh depth. Must climb over large slippery rocks and up a ladder.

    Activity level: Difficult



    Barton Creek Canoeing + Zipling (optional)

    Begin this tour by gently gliding though a Mayan ritual cave in your canoe. You’ll see lovely formations while your guide explains the history and traditions of the Mayans, and how they used caves in their spiritual practices. Finish the day with an exhilarating zip though the jungles of Belize! If you prefer not to zipline, you can enjoy some pool time instead.

    Time: Approximately 8 hrs (includes cave tour, lunch, ziplining and travel time).

    Drive time: 2 hrs each way

    Details: Barton Creek Cave is easily accessible, requiring only a brief walk to arrive at canoes. Ziplining involves some hiking and ladder climbing. Pool is available for those who prefer not to zipline.

    Activity level: Barton Creek (Easy)/Ziplining (Moderate)


  5. Snorkeling tour

    Boat to a nearby island/marine reserve, and then snorkel Belize’s famous reef, a Unesco World Heritage site. You’ll also visit one of the rare places in the sea where you can almost always see sea turtles!!

    Time: Approximately 2.5 hrs

    Boat time: approximately 15 min each way

    Details: Entrance to main snorkeling will be via the shore, so you can wade in and out (this may vary due to weather/tides if we change location). Entrance to snorkeling at turtle stop is off the back of the boat. Snorkel time in the water is approximately 1 hr at the first stop, 30 min at the turtle stop.

    Activity level: Easy/Moderate


  6. Yoga Locations

    Black Rock Lodge yoga palapa is located just above rapids in the Macal River, and you will love the sound of the rushing water during practice. The deck is shaded by a high thatched palapa, making an afternoon or evening session enjoyable even on a hot day. 

    Distance from lodge: 2 minute walk up/down steep steps


    The Hatchet Caye yoga deck is built far out over the water, so that the gentle lapping Caribbean Sea and tropical breeze provide a calming backdrop. Situated to provide stunning sunrise and sunset views, you will love being fully immersed in beautiful surroundings. Wear your swimsuit to class and jump in the sea afterwards!

    Distance: 1 minute walk down a dock


  7. Transfers

    From Belize International Airport (BZE) to Black Rock Lodge: 2.25 hr drive time via van shuttle

    From Black Rock Lodge to Hatchet Caye: 3 hr drive time via van shuttle + 1 hr boat ride

    From Hatchet Caye to BZE: 1 hr boat ride + 10 min drive + 30 min plane ride

Retreat Details

  1. 4 nights mountain lodging at Hidden Valley Inn


    Hidden Valley Inn is nestled in a 7,290-acre private forest reserve. Spend your days hiking and exploring, then retire in cozy and luxurious cottages.

    Lodge details:

    12 cottages + 3 yoga decks + main lodge with dining and lounge

    Cottage detailing includes Belizean hardwoods, terracotta tile floors, and local fabrics and artwork

    Turndown service, and complimentary high tea each afternoon

    Lots of screened windows let in the sounds and sights of the surrounding jungle

    Most cabins with one king bed or two twin beds

    Fans in each room (no AC)

    Swimming pool

    Fireplaces for cool nights


  2. 3 nights lodging at Naia resort and spa


    Listed as one of the “Top 52 places to go in 2017” by the New York Times, Naia Resort and Spa is nestled in a 200-acre reserve on the Placencia peninsula. Its special location offers both lagoon and Caribbean Sea access to guests. Styling is casual yet luxurious.

    Lodge details:

    Studio beach houses (646 sq. ft.), complete with outdoor shower

    Spacious, ocean-view porches with comfortable seating

    Most beach houses have king-sized beds. Two beds can be arranged for an additional fee (limited availability).

    Air conditioning


  3. Caracol Mayan Ruins + river swimming


    Enjoy a guided tour of Belize’s largest Mayan ruins, climbing to the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure in Belize in this day. After a picnic lunch, get a natural hydromassage in the river!

    Time: Approximately 9 hrs (includes tour, lunch, swimming and drive time)

    Drive time: 1.75 hrs each way from Hidden Valley Inn

    Details: Mostly flat terrain at the ruins (temple climbing optional). A 5-minute walk to get to the river. River is rocky and slippery.

    Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate

     CH Adventures Caracol
    Rio on Pools massage

  4. Guided waterfall hike


    Hike to the unbelievably beautiful Butterfly Falls, while your guide explains Belize’s flora and fauna along the way. Dive into the emerald water, and maybe even try a waterfall jump! For the adventurous yogi, start 2 hrs earlier and include the spectacular Cascade Trail.

    Time: Approximately 2 hrs for Butterfly Falls (1hr hiking + 1 hr swimming)/4 hrs for Butterfly Falls + Cascade Trail (3hrs hiking + 1 hr swimming)

    Drive time: 15 min to arrive at trail head/return

    Details: Both hikes are challenging. You will have lots of up and downs, uneven surfaces. The Cascade Trail involves 20+ bridges, ladders, and many, many steps.

    Activity level: Moderate/Difficult



  5. Snorkeling tour

    Boat to Belize’s famous reef, a Unesco World Heritage site. While the sightings change daily, you are sure to see a myriad of tropical fish, coral and sea creatures–maybe even spot a sea turtle, spotted eagle ray, squid, manatee or more. Belize waters are truly a treasure trove of sea life!

    Time: Approximately 4-5 hrs (includes snorkeling, lunch and boat time)

    Boat time: approximately 45 min each way

    Details: Snorkel stops  vary due to weather/tides

    Activity level: Easy/Moderate


  6. Yoga Locations

    Hidden Valley Inn boasts three yoga decks. Each are located in a special place in the surrounding 7,290 acres and require a short walk and/or drive.

    Yokol Chen: Set above a bubbling brook, surrounded by tiger fern. Thatch-covered.

    Distance from lodge: 10 minute walk, mostly flat, small hill


    Om Shanti: Set in dense jungle, open top to view canopy.

    Distance from lodge: 10 minute steep walk or 10 minute drive + 3 minute steep walk


    Awat Balam: Set above Tiger Creek Falls, a dynamic place for practice. Open top, views of the surrounding mountain tops.

    Distance from lodge: 10 minute drive + 3 minute steep walk


    The Naia yoga studio is built as an indoor/outdoor space, and offers a beautiful view of the gardens. With high ceilings and large accordion glass doors that open out onto a quiet veranda and private yoga lawn, you’ll be treated to calming views of the lagoon and its beautiful surroundings.

    Distance: 5 minute walk within resort


  7. Transfers

    From Belize International Airport (BZE) to Hidden Valley Inn: 2.75 hr drive time via van shuttle

    From Hidden Valley Inn to Naia: 3.5 hr drive time via van shuttle

    From Naia to BZE: 15 min drive + 30 min plane ride