About Belize Yoga

Belize Yoga was created by Jessie and Brad Wigh, Americans who reside in Belize. They first came to Belize in 2003 and immediately fell in love with the country--the friendly people, the gorgeous scenery and the blue, blue water. The Wighs soon realized that yoga in Belize was different than the studio-based yoga back in the States. Feeling the warm tropical breeze, hearing the waves and birds, seeing the sun come up over the mountains--all these elements brought a deeper meaning to their practice and a feeling of connectivity to the world. They decided that it wasn't an experience they should keep to themselves.

The Wighs became Belizean residents in 2008, and have had three sons in Belize. They have spent the past eight years traveling to all areas of Belize, handpicking the most spectacular spots to practice yoga, selecting the best tours and guides they could find, and advising resorts on the building of yoga decks. The result is a selection of spectacular yoga retreats. Come experience yoga in Belize. We think you will be inspired.

Brad Wigh

A licensed Belize tour guide, Brad spends as much time as possible wearing a mask and snorkel. When out of the water, he enjoys birding, soccer and stand-up-paddleboard yoga (does that count as "out of the water"?).

On Belize Yoga retreats he is likely to host hermit crab races and can help you track down tarantulas...if that is your thing.

In the office, Brad oversees all of Belize Yoga's instructor communication, logistics, resort contacts and finances.

Jessie Wigh

When not on a Belize Yoga retreat, Jessie teaches yoga six days at week at her by-donation studio in Caye Caulker, Belize. She has written three children's books about Belize: Caye Boy: Barefoot Adventures of an Island Child, Caye Boy and Kite Day, and Caye Boy Visits the Jungle.

On retreat, Jessie's goal is always to keep the energy of the group smooth and relaxed and blissful. In the office, Jessie oversees all student correspondence, design and marketing.